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Hi there!

Just want to tell you what a great time we had at your Dinner/Dance show on 6/28.  Everyone at our table and everyone else in the hall seemed to be having a ball.

You guys are the ‘BEST’.  So much talent all under one roof. 

The selection of songs and music was outstanding,  the food was excellent,  the service was awesome, everything was perfect.

Thank you for everything and am looking forward to the next dinner-dance.  Will definitely fill up another table or two.

Truly enjoy all your shows.

Keep up the good work.


Estelle Pratte


Written by: tommy and the big red one


We wish all the best in your new endeavor !!!!  We'll be sure to see you New Years Eve.  Front row center!!!!  You all are the greatest!!
Tom and Deanna Tutton

Written by: beachbum11

GREAT Show....   Looking forward to MANY more... Have Tickets for the Jan 23rd, and the Feb 6th  All Star Jams, also the Variety Feb 23.. can't wait your shows are always so much fun.  Also something new and Exciting, Never know what your going to do next...   you keep us looking forward to the next show wondering what you'll come up with .  LOVE the Band.. see you soon


Written by: lorrigill


Thanks to everyone for your support as the Notebenders head into 2014! Can't wait to see you at our next show!

 Lori and gang,

Great to see the musicians having fun again. You had disappeared off our radar and then reappeared at St. Mark’s last Sunday. Great show from great performers. A couple of comments: We were second row (on your) right side at St. Mark’s. That’s probably not the best location for sound analysis, and I don’t know anything about tuning, but my impression was that Ray was too loud, overpowering Lori a bit, and that Tony was way too soft, so much that his music tended to be muted. While I don’t care much for his chatter, I think that Tony is a great pianist, and I would love to hear him featured more, perhaps solos with only back-up from the band. An idea (and probably a lousy one). We used to enjoy a singer by the name of Logan Wells, when we lived in northeastern Ohio, especially her Patsy Cline songs. My idea: get her to come to Florida and do a “Patsy Cline Off” together. All the best of luck with the new venture.

Jim Swickard 

  Joan Boutilier Subject : When are the shows?  Message : Miss all you guys

  Sent on: 22 February, 2014Thank you!

Marie & Jerry Segovis

Have you tried coming to On Top of the World for shows??? We loved you at the Opry for over 8 years

John Bianchi  Great entertainers, presented for our pleasure by fine people. Any thing else that I could say would only echo the other comments. We find our favorite song is ... Ive got you ... Thank you.